The Bay's Most Gifted Teachers At Your Fingertips

    A 4-in-1 tutoring and mentoring approach for your student.

    Quality Teaching

    We hand pick the top 3% of tutors, selecting only those who are particularly gifted at teaching.

    Rest assured, your student will be paired with South Bay’s most talented teachers.

    rigorous screening

    Rigorous Screening

    As of April 2020, 140 prospective tutors from top 10 universities have applied to teach at Transform, with only 5 selected.

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    Stanford, Yale, and Johns Hopkins Tutors

    Our team is comprised of alumni, students, and PhD students from top 10 universities including Stanford, Yale, and Johns Hopkins.

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    Top Talent

    Our tutors have placed in the top 1% on the SAT/ACT and are highly credentialed in the subjects they teach.

    Our Teaching

    Our service isn't just tutoring. We teach lifelong study & time management habits alongside academic content. We work on any or all of the following components with each student:

    Daily Practice

    to keep your student accountable to daily practice

    Too often, students leave assignments until the last minute.

    Through proven accountability systems, we have your student working on extra practice every day -- not just the day before the test.

    Mid-Week Check In

    for continuous support

    Unlike other tutoring services, our tutors check in with your student midweek, every week, so your student isn’t left struggling until the next session.

    This way, your student gets his/her questions answered on a regular basis, throughout the week.

    Organization & Planning Skills

    Our tutors have thrived at top 10 universities because of their organization, planning, and broader executive functioning skills.

    If your student struggles in these areas, we can help him/her develop these lifelong skills.

    Study Habits & Time Management

    We match each student with an expert study strategist, who works on incrementally finding & fixing your child's fundamental study habits. These techniques range from learning how to take full advantage of textbooks to time management skills.

    The goal is to build lifelong study & time management habits your student can take to college and beyond.

    College Admissions & Career Guidance

    Translating interests to a plan

    Many of our students are uncertain about how their skills and interests translate into a college major.

    Others don’t know how to craft a compelling college admissions story with their extracurriculars and achievements.

    We help with each of these components and broader college & career planning.

    Emotional Support & Mentorship

    Students struggling academically may also struggle emotionally.

    We have tutors who have experience working with demoralized students.

    These tutors over time, focus on improving the student’s relationship with school and academics. Contact us for more details.

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    The results speak for themselves. Most of our families are quite happy with our tutoring and stay on as long-term clients.

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